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  • Hydrating Cream Conditioner


    Size: 16 ounce


    Our new hydrating cream conditioner gives strands intense moisture and is formulated with only 7 ingredients.

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  • Irish Moss Hair Gel



    Our best-selling Irish Moss Gel provides medium hold while sealing in moisture. Creates great curl definition and shine while remaining flake free.

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  • Kids Bundle


    Bundle Includes:
    •16 oz Baby Wash
    •16 oz Hydrating Conditioner

    What makes our kids products different?

    We use the safest preservative on the market: Radish root ferment. It is an EccoCertified preservative that is safe for use in kid’s products unlike commonly used preservative phenoxyethanol.

    Age Suitable For: 6 months and older

    [Baby Wash]
    A gentle formula for babies and sensitive skin to fragrance

    Use as a body wash and shampoo

    Size: 16 fl. oz

    Shelf Life: 12 months

    Age: Baby wash (newborn+) Hydrating Cream Conditioner (6 months+)

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  • Leave-in Conditioner



    16 ounces


    Our moisturizing leave-in conditioner now made with avocado oil and shea butter.

    Comes in a new 16 ounce size jar

    Apply underneath our Irish Moss Hair Gel

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  • Sale!

    Rice Water Bundle


    Included: Rice Water Shampoo and Rice Water Deep Conditioner


    Rice Water Shampoo: distilled water, organic sake extract (fermented rice water), cocamidopropyl betaine, vegetable glycerin, organic aloe vera juice, hydrolyzed rice protein, radish root ferment filtrate (EcoCert preservative), hydroxyethylcellulose, pro vitamin B5, peppermint oil, organic essential oil blend, citric acid


    Rice Water Deep Conditioner: distilled water, organic sake extract (fermented rice water), BTMS-50, organic aloe vera juice, C12-15 alkyl benzoate, babassu oil, Shea butter, vegetable glycerin, rice bran oil, quaternized rice, Hydrolyzed rice protein, radish root ferment filtrate, essential oil blend


    Rice Water Leave-in: distilled water, sake (fermented rice water), propanediol, organic aloe vera juice, caprylic triglyceride, BTMS-50, radish root ferment filtrate, essential oil blend


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  • Rice Water Deep Conditioner



    8 ounce, 16 ounces


    Rice Water Deep Conditioner

    Rice water, rich in amino acids, contains protein that reduces hair shedding and increases hair volume up to 32%. It is rich in vitamins B, C, & E, stimulates blood flow to the scalp encouraging hair growth.

    Our Rice Water Deep Conditioner has a super thick consistency that kinky strands can’t live without. Creating a strength and moisture balance, this best seller is a must-have in your wash day regimen.

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  • Rice Water Leave-in Conditioner



    8 ounce


    Our Rice Water Leave-in Conditioner contains organic, cosmetic grade fermented rice water. With its unique formula, it has double the moisturizing benefits of glycerin. Blended with an EcoCert preservative and a light citrus scent.

    Key Benefits:
    • Great for all porosities
    • Organic, cosmetic grade rice water with a longer shelf-life than homemade rice water
    • Pairs well with any product

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  • Rice Water Shampoo


    Size: 8 ounce


    Rice water has been used for centuries to stimulate hair growth, and this shampoo makes using it in your regimen much simpler. Provides slip and lather to delicately detangle strands. Contains rice protein, rich in amino acids, that reduces shedding and increases hair volume up to 32%.

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  • Scalp Antioxidant & Multivitamin



    8 ounces



    This leave-in scalp treatment improves circulation to the scalp increasing growth and overall hair health

    Can be used once a week on wash day

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