Avocado Pre-Shampoo Mask




Give your curls an extra moisture boost when hair is feeling dry.

Our Avocado & Matcha Pre-shampoo Mask cuts wash day time in half. It reduces shedding while bringing moisture back to strands. Treatment can be used before shampoo on wash day to help ease the detangling process.

What Does Matcha Do for Hair:
Promotes growth of hair production and stimulates the human dermal papilla cells to boost hair production. Encourages blood flow of the scalp, and circulation to hair follicles. Reduces inflammation and can ease dandruff. Is also a DHT blocker


Can be applied to wet or dry hair before shampoo. Section hair, and apply from roots to ends. Use a brush to detangle and saturate strands.


avocado butter, avocado oil, hemp seed oil, matcha powder, essential oil blend.