Rice Water Bundle

Rice Water Bundle

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Rice water shampoo and conditioner 

Rice water, rich in amino acids, contains protein that reduces hair shedding and increases hair volume up to 32%. It is rich in vitamins B, C, & E, stimulates blood flow to the scalp encouraging hair growth.

Full Set Includes:
Rice water shampoo & rice water deep conditioner 

This set is a step up above using rice water alone.

Can be used once a week and along with an at home rice water treatment

**If hair is protein sensitive or low porosity use only once a month

How to use with your own rice water treatment:
1. Cleanse hair with shampoo treatment while using scalp massager, focusing on scalp
2. Apply homemade rice water for 20 minutes and rinse out
3. Apply deep conditioner with plastic cap. Sit under dryer for best results