Irish Moss & Flaxseed Gel

Irish Moss & Flaxseed Gel

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Ingredients contain:
No carcinogens
No phenoxyethanol
No endocrine disrupters

Moisturizing and curl defining gel with a light hold.

Can increase the density in edges overtime

**Wildcrafted in Jamaica

Irish Sea Moss:
a natural collagen and antioxidant. Collagen is what your strands need to increase elasticity. Elasticity fights back breakage. Collagen protects hair and scalp from sun damage and pollutants.

**Has a preservative. Does not need to be refrigerated.

Does NOT contain EDTA:
EDTA, an ingredient made from coal & tar, serve as a penetration enhancer that intensifies harmful effects of other ingredients in the formula by promoting deeper penetration into the skin’s tissue and bloodstream.

Tetrasodium EDTA (found in eco-styler & many other hair products) is made from formaldehyde which is a chemical that causes cancer, dermatitis and affects the reproductive system (fertility and increased risk of miscarriage)

How To Use in Wash ‘n Go:
Apply on soaking wet hair after stylers. Section and use a denman brush to clump curls. Use a diffuser on cool setting for best definition and no frizz. 

What sets us apart from other haircare brands:
🌷100% Vegan. No emu oil, mink oil, honey, animal derived keratin or silk. We ❤️ animals
🌷Unique, plant derived ingredients from the Brazilian Rainforest & Ancient Indian herbs
🌷No cheap ingredients that do nothing for hair growth
🌷Products come in environmentally friendly glass containers and BPA free packaging 🌷

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